Verse 1:
Like a thief in the night
He came searching for you
What in the world
Did you expect me to do

He promised you fortune
And he promised you fame
Don't look at me
When your handing out blame

Verse 2:
Our time we spent together
Was so precious and true
But that all seemed to change
Since you told me "I do"

Your secretive meetings
And ventures at night
Were just a few of the signs
That things were not going right

Verse 3:
I'd thought I'd found love
But it was just a passing phase
You lit a fire in my heart
And then you set it ablaze

My whole word came crashing
On down to the ground
Amongst the burning embers
Is now where I'm found

You were unfaithful
You fed me your lies
You were unfaithful
No more alibis

You were unfaithful
You didn't even try
You were unfaithful
Its time to call it goodbye

Patrick E. Erdner

"The SlickFly"

Verse 1: Unknown date
Verse 2: 6/13/97
Verse 3: 8/2/97

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