Your Love Remains

Verse 1:

You Came To Me, Alone And Scared
Runnin' From, Those Who Dared
Lost In A World , That's Mean And Cruel
Babe What Did Ya Expect Me To Do…

I Found Myself, Under Your Charm
I Didn't Think, It Would Do Any Harm
The Day You Left, My Heart Was Torn
It Made Me Wish That I'd Never Been Born...

Verse 2:

I Tried To Call You, On The Phone
It Rang And Rang, But You Were Not Home
So I Drown Myself, In My Own Tears
But It Didn't Help Wipe Away The Fears…

I Realized Too Late, That You Were Gone
You Preyed On Me, Like A Knight On A Pawn
But When Bad Times Came, And Chips Were Down
Where Were You You Couldn't Be Found...


Your Love Remains, From The Start...
Your Love Remains, Within My Heart...
Your Love Remains, When We're Apart...
But Most of all... Your Love Remains…

Patrick E. Erdner

"The Slickfly"

Verse1: February 19th, 1990
Verse 2: March 7th, 1990

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