Meridy Anthem

All alone
And nowhere to go,
Another drink
And no one will know.

A life of lies,
A life of deception,
Beneath the cries
Hidden under depression.

She's all alone,
With nowhere to turn,
Another bridge
She just happened to burn.

Same old story,
Same old scene,
Another life
That she treated so mean.

One more pickup
One more line,
Another guy
Who won't treat her fine.

He'll fit the purpose
He'll fill the void,
And in the morning
She'll be left alone & paranoid.

What has she done?
What has she tried?
Another man
Who promised and lied.

No time to act.
No time to wait.
She must choose now
To fulfill her fate.

It could be bad,
It could be good.
She feels all alone
And misunderstood.

Patrick E Erdner

"The SlickFly"

October 13th, 1997

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