Heart Of The Lioness

Through all of life's ups and downs
And just as many smiles and frowns,
I have seen the heart of the lioness
With gentle grace and true finesse.

A mind of wit and gentle persuasion
To befriend everyone without hesitation,
Asking only of friendship and care in return
She brings meaning to life with all that she's learned.

With her heart of silver and mind of pure gold
It makes her worth more than anything old,
She's wild and spunky and full of good cheer
And with each passing day she grows ever so clear.

Alone in this world she has never been
Even though in her heart she's not close to a ten,
Her beauty shall reign all across this land
For the lioness of lore will someday find her man!

Patrick E Erdner

"The SlickFly"

September 6, 1998

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