Newfound Destiny

In The Morning
When She Awoke
Nothing Was Said
Not A Word Was Spoke

One Look In The Mirror
Just A Pondering Gaze
Gave Positive Proof
Of A Life In A Maze

So Easily Entered
But How To Get Out
She Must Choose The Path
There Can Be No Doubt

Many Roads To The Future
Some Short And Some Long
No Way To Tell
Which Is Right-Which Is Wrong

A Decision To Make
Today Without Haste
Will Enhance Her Life
And Put End To This Waste

The Destiny Of Life
Lies Now In Her Hand
Without Fear Or Confusion
She Can Make Her Stand

Doors Are Wide Open
The Choice Has Been Made
Enjoying Only The Present
While Past Memories Fade

Patrick E. Erdner

"The Slickly"

June 27th, 1992

Dedicated To 'Crystal', A Good Friend

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