Song for Amia

Verse 1:

From the darkness of night,
A woman came forth.
She was at the side of the road
And heading due North.

I slowed down my car,
And I let her get in.
We were destined for passion
And a world filled with sin.

Little did I know,
What I was gettin in for.
An addiction to pleasure,
And so very much more.

The encounter that started,
As a one time glance.
Evolved into more,
So I gave it a chance.

Verse 2:

We headed for a motel,
On the edge of town.
We checked into our room,
And then we turned the sheets down.

She took me by the hand,
And then showed me the way.
She said forget about the others,
It was her time to play.

For her passion how it burned,
As I was getting real hot.
And in no time at all,
She gave it all that she's got.

I never will forget,
What she taught me that night.
For she took me to heaven,
And then showed me the light.

Verse 3:

Now when I'm alone at night,
And getting ready for bed.
Her goddess like image,
Keeps runnin through my head.

For she's the sweetest woman,
That I've ever known.
And if there's a bad side to her,
It has never been shown.

Oh my heart how it longs,
For the feel of her touch.
I could never have imagined,
That she would mean so much.

Her deciding to move,
Has thrown my heart all amiss.
But I will always be thankful,
For our one last kiss.


Can't you see,
Your the only woman
In the world for me.

You came into my life
And turned me upside down,
You brightened my day
And chased away my frown.

Please don't go,
Just give me a chance
To let my true feelings show.

Patrick E. Erdner

"The SlickFly"

Verse 1: 01/04/04
Verse 2: 01/06/04
Verse 3: 01/13/04

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